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The Jerk Store Called
They're running out of you.
more self-theory [& this tiny lemon emoticon and I currently have the same facial expression] 
13th-Mar-2010 02:45 pm
travelling, stony
JUST THINKING: Often times, people laugh harder at my jokes than I think they ought to. I think this might be because of the sound of my voice?

To me, when I speak, I hear it pretty much the same way I hear the voices of all my female friends. It sounds comparable. Expressive and girlish. When recorded, it becomes clear that this is NOT the case--my voice is very low and monotone. Thus I must deliver my jokes much differently to the outside observer than I can tell from my inner hearing.


This helps in another way: Sometimes I make jokes and no one laughs, but I think most of the time because of the tone of my voice no one realizes that it was supposed to be a joke, saving me from embarrassment. HIGH FIVE, SELF. (Or maybe they are just ignoring the pathetic attempt at humour for my benefit. Whatever, I prefer self-delusion!)

I am recording this because I often have these dumb thoughts and then forget them. WELL, NOT THIS TIME.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I am currently working on something that forces me to have to read articles about Canadian economic history. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS.

Have you ever read something so boring that it made you angry?

Seriously, it's hard to describe this feeling. I pick up an article and read a few sentences. The words jumble through my brain without sinking in. I notice this and go back, forcing myself to read each word at a time. Half of the words are economics jargon whose meaning I can't be entirely sure of, and this frustrates me, partially because I don't have the time to look up each and every term, and mostly because it is something that I care so little about that I don't WANT to devote the time to finding out what it is. By the time I complete a paragraph, the frustration has compounded so much that I have to throw the article to the ground and pace through the house once muttering "FUCK!" repeatedly, hating the fact that I have no choice but to pick up the article and resume reading it once my angry stomping is completed.


I don't recommend it.
13th-Mar-2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
I have a similar issue with jokes and people not noticing them! My partner in crime suggested that this is because I say nonjokes with the same tone etc. as jokes, and that this is confusing for listeners. WHATEVER

Anyway I also speak in kind of a low register, but am a little sing-songy and animated, but NEVERTHELESS ALSO unable to effectively suggest when a joke is happening. I guess this saves me from embarrassment too, because sometimes they are awfully stupid jokes! BUT STILL.
14th-Mar-2010 03:01 am (UTC)
Yeah! Yeah!!! You know how it is. And well, I agree! Here is a resounding WHATEVER from me.

Seriously, it can't be entirely our fault. I mean, I have a very poor concept of what I sound like to other people, but at least I know what you sound like and I feel like I would be (and have been?) able to figure out when you are joking, even if you don't do a "oh MAN THIS right HERE is a JOKE you guys" thing with your voice when you say jokes. WE ARE JUST KEEPING PEOPLE ON THEIR TOES IS ALL!!!!! Right.
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