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The Jerk Store Called
They're running out of you.
I see what you did there 
9th-Sep-2009 12:13 pm
travelling, stony
OH hay internets

There is a storefront below me which is under construction. Not sure what it's going to be yet... It would be nice if it turned into something cool! But I am not hoping too hard, because last time we did that we were sorely disappointed (asked for a Harvey's, received a skater/surfer clothing store for douchebags).

The point is, though, that they always do their loudest constructing right at 8 AM and it's irritating. Seriously, every day at 8 AM they'll hammer the tiles off the front of the building (shaking my entire apartment, my bed included), or use a power drill in the ceiling (i.e. the bottom of my floor right below my head), etc. Then they'll kind of chill for the rest of the day. I THINK THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE. I kind of want to ask them what they are doing and when it will be finished, but I am kind of afraid to.

Some countdowns:
5 days until I finally start classes and thus have a purpose to my meaningless existence!
16 days until my partner moves in! co-habitation!!!

When my partner visited in July we drove to my grandparents' farm for a day. Here is a shitty GIF of the drive home down the 401 at sunset. (In my mom's car... that's her animals on the dashboard.)

Here is a picture I took during the garbage strike... (which has been over for a while, thank god!)

My favourite part is the callous destruction of the note on the left.

While the garbage strike has been over for a few weeks (they actually started picking up again on my birthday- what a beautiful present!), it has left us some gifts to remember it by: ONE MILLION WASPS. Since they had a giant buffet lying around the city all summer they've bred to outrageous numbers, and now are pissed off that the buffet is gone. Wasps swarm every public garbage can. Every restaurant patio meal has wasps coming to check things out. Every relaxing meal or drink in a backyard has the same results.

The other day, I was walking through the park with a coffee in my hand to read on the beach, and a fucking wasp came out of nowhere, flew between my toes, stung me, and flew away!
I cursed and hopped around on one foot to the nearest bench, where I set down my coffee and examined my wound.
At which point my coffee was swarmed by wasps, crawling around the rim trying to get some, and other wasps started getting in my face. (They are really aggressive. They actually just get in your face, and are like WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD AT) Usually I don't let wasps scare me, but since I was already in pain in one area I got a little nervous and started backing away.
Eventually, I snatched my coffee away from them and decided to just hobble home.
And those hobbling motions caused me to spill half my coffee on my hand/the street. ASSHOLES.
I read inside instead, grumbling. Fucking wasps. But also, a mere 4 or 5 wasps caused me to go back inside. Pathetic. Aren't we supposed to be the dominant species?? If only wasps realized their power over humans....

Just as I was typing that story, I felt a tickling between those same two toes and freaked out. It was the sticker from my apple, hahaha. LOSER.

Since I last posted pictures of my place, I've put things on the walls... mostly my grandfather's beautiful paintings.

My partner returned for a week at the end of August, for a family reunion. I went along to most events and met his entire family pretty much. They're all really nice and hilarious. It was a week of relaxed barbecues and big dinners and that kind of thing (and only a few obligatory awkward questions that uncles tend to ask, like "So... you two thinking of tying the knot soon?!"). It's really nice to meet such a big family that's all so close together... since the majority of my family lives across the ocean.

Also, his whole immediate family came to MY parents' house, which was fun. We convinced them to play SUPER QUIZ. SUPER QUIZ is a board game that my parents and I are obsessed with. It's a trivia game from 1982, which is really hard for me, since I wasn't even born then, but.... it's ridiculously fun for some reason. I actually go home every weekend to play it with them. NERD.

He's gone back for the rest of his stuff, but he left our third roommate here with me:

9th-Sep-2009 06:32 pm (UTC)
I know how you feel about morning construction. Can't these guys do that in the afternoon when some nocturnals are barely awake?

I hate wasps, too. They should be extinct along with certain viruses and disease causing bugs.

Whee, cat!
9th-Sep-2009 09:54 pm (UTC)

Eugh, wasps! My brother had one fly into his mouth while he was eating. HOW DARING

I miss Toronto, garbage strikes and all. ;_;
10th-Sep-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
Those paintings make your apartment look fancy! I can't wait to visit. And Beaws makes me happy. And your post was hilarious and and and...

AND! You should bug those darn store guys. They are probably just working hard first thing to make it look like they are succeeding and then slacking off. Pesks.
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